History of Lincolnwood

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History of Lincolnwood


Lincolnwood, (Ill.)


A history of the Village of Lincolnwood, IL (formerly Tessville.)


Mid 19th century to early 20th century; 1930's-1950's




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Collection Items

The Early Years
A collection of photographs recording Lincolnwood's early pioneer days to the turn-of-the 20 the century.

Tessville Census 1910
The 1910 Population of Tessville, Illinois.

Tessville Census 1920
The 1920 Population of Tessville, Illinois.

Tessville Census 1930
The 1930 Population of Tessville, Illinois.

Lincolnwood Census 1940
The 1940 Population of Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Lincolnwood Census 1950
The 1950 Population of Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Compilation of News Articles, Library & Local Government Board Minutes & Press Releases about the Lincolnwood Library
A compilation of news articles, library and local government board minutes and press releases about the Lincolnwood Library from 1963 to 1983.
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